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Our Stock Media Shops are designed to inspire and serve designers, creatives, businesses and professionals of all backgrounds with awesome imagery at affordable rates. Our specialised shops and exclusive free content sites have the best curated selections of content to bring variety, quality and commercial value in images for everyone.

Experienced experts in the stock media business team up in StockPhotoNow to create offers and services that fit in with today’s creative industry. From the kind and quality of content to the buying models and the licensing terms, our Shops and free downloads sites aim at helping you create the best designs for your business in a simple, cost-effective way.
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Our Stock Photo Now Team

Amos Struck

Some Job
The brain behind the Shops... loves to be hands-on with our customers and loves to bring new functions and new free websites to life.

Paul Bond

Sales Manager & Customer Service
Paul manages our outbound sales, focused in creating great opportunities for our stock photo buyers. He is also in charge of our Customer Care service via phone. If you have an inquiry about our services or products, Paul is your man.

Dean Ford

Shop Manager
Dean manages our Stock Photo Secrets Shop and VectorFresh store alongside customer support. With a background in content writing and research as well as music production, Dean also writes for AudioSecrets.com, our new audio first publication. With a love for helping out, Deans other passions are Technology, Gaming and Sci-Fi

Ivanna Attié

Spanish Customer Care Agent
Ivanna, or Ivy as we call her, is our Spanish-speaking Agent for Customer Care. She gives guidance, solves inquiries and takes suggestions from Spanish customers to ensure they get the best buying experience in our Shops. She is also Content Manager & Author across StockPhotoPress publications. If you’re a native Spanish speaker, she is the one you want to reach.